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Hi! My name Is Angela Cordova. I am a wedding planner and the founder and owner of Diverse Diva in Salt Lake City.

I haven't always been a wedding planner though. I've been a florist, bookseller, retail manager and ultimately a District Manager for a Fortune 500 company. I have overseen over 100 employees, 14 separate businesses, built customer and employee relationships and planned multiple corporate events over the last 20 years. I worked up the corporate ladder and built a very successful living.

Then the most amazing thing happened! I fell in love and got engaged to the most wonderful man in the world and in a flash, my priorities in life changed. I realized that money or corporate status were no longer the most important things to me. My priorities became very simple: spending time with my husband, as well as my friends and family, living a life more true to myself and filling my life with love, happiness and gratitude.  

As I planned my own wedding, I discovered that I absolutely LOVE weddings. I love all aspects of them from the planning and the beauty to the heart-warming love stories.  Mostly, I love that weddings bring two people together in a ceremony of lifetime commitment. It is such a beautiful and magical thing to witness and be a part of! My husband and I are also very passionate about Marriage Equality for ALL people. We feel that love is love, and we strongly support the LGBTQ community.  Because of my passion for marriage equality, and my love for wedding planning, Diverse Diva was born.

I want to guide other couples through the whole process from managing the timeline and budget, to designing the theme and vision. I can help you plan a traditional, elegant wedding or something a little more suited to your offbeat tastes.  Let me keep you on track and reduce the stress of the planning process. I'm excited to make your wedding magical and a day to cherish for a lifetime.